Debt Restructuring for Climate Adaptation and Marine Conservation

Around the world, Small Island Developing States (SIDS)–or more accurately Large Ocean Developing States (LODS)– are excessively burdened with sovereign debt and at the same time, face intense vulnerability to rising seas and climate change. With 58 LODS across the globe, home to over 65 million people, projections show that by 2014, over 80 million people will live in these small island nations—on the front lines of our changing climate.

In the face of rising tides and increasingly severe storms, coastal communities around the world have to adapt. Fortunately, leaders across many sectors are beginning to recognize potential solutions that already exist—in nature. Not only that, but we’re seeing the adoption of new models for financing these solutions that are potentially replicable around the world.

To incentivize marine and coastal conservation action in these LODS, NatureVest is working with governments and creditors to structure debt restructuring in exchange for governmental commitments to expand their marine managed areas (MMAs). Debt restructuring, attractive for financial reasons, also allows for more investment in marine conservation and climate adaptation, benefitting coastal communities. NatureVest aims to use private investment capital to purchase debt at a discount in an effort to free up capital to fund conservation efforts in perpetuity.

Our Projects

Seychelles Debt Restructuring

May 18, 2015

Deal Team Leads

Nina Chen – Manager, Product Development

May 18, 2015

Charlotte Kaiser

Charlotte Kaiser – Deputy Managing Director, NatureVest

May 18, 2015

Rob Weary – Senior Director, Product Development

May 18, 2015

Top image: © Jeff Yonover. Image credits: © Bridget Besaw; © Didier Baertschiger/Flickr.