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We are committed to maximizing the impact of The Nature Conservancy’s global platform, regional relationships, and deep expertise in science, policy, and finance to help build a foundation to accelerate the growth of conservation impact investing.

This can help conservation impact investing grow into a robust, efficient market with clear information about conservation outcomes and benefits to people, which helps buyers and sellers pay for all the value that nature creates. By learning from the experience of other emerging markets, conservation impact investing can travel a similar path to greater scale.



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Original Research

The State of Private Investment in Conservation 2016: A Landscape Assessment of an Emerging Market

This report builds upon the 2014 publication, Investing in Conservation: A landscape assessment of an emerging market, and tracks the burgeoning field of conservation investing – investments that aim to achieve environmental conservation objectives while also delivering a financial return –  in sustainable food and fiber production, habitat protection, and clean water. Despite significant growth in commitments and investors’ expectations to raise increasing amounts capital for these categories going forward, the report echoes earlier findings that it is challenging to identify conservation investments with the right mix of risk and returns.

Investing in Conservation report coverInvesting in Conservation: a landscape assessment

This 2014 report documented the first-ever survey of conservation impact investing and revealed a market of approximately $23 billion between 2009-2014. While the report found that investments in this space were expected to more than triple between 2014-2018, findings also indicated that a substantial amount of potential private capital had not been deployed, demonstrating a need for a significant increase in the number of risk-adjusted investment opportunities.


NatureVest Blogs

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Marc Diaz, 
Managing Director
It is about stretching each conservation dollar as far as it will go.

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Charlotte Kaiser, Deputy Managing Director
This is the power of impact capital: to change the scale at which we support conservation & communities.

Can Impact Investing Help Save the Planet?
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Eric Hallstein, Director of Conservation Investments, California
“For all of us interested in environmental conservation, impact investing is a potential path for attracting capital at the scale of the problems we face.

How business can keep clean water flowing
Craig Holland, Director of Product Development
The vision of our collaboration is to empower cities to solve challenges of water pollution, drinking-water protection, air quality and climate resilience by drawing on a toolkit of natural infrastructure solutions and financing mechanisms that can drive those solutions at the lowest possible public cost.


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